Protect Your Home.
Keep Water Out.

Install SureSill under every door & window to drain water to the exterior and prevent water damage

Trusted by these leading brands

Why SureSill?

Integral Drainage System

Sloped, recessed surface drains water to exterior, while ridges provide continues support.

Easily Customized

Cut to fit any rough opening, compatible for doors & windows.

High Standards

Meets all building codes & ATSM requirements, all backed up
by a 10 year warranty.

“Our company has installed over 60,000 exterior doors since 2015. We have been using pan flashing since 2016. We tried a few different pan flashing systems but quickly realized Suresill is the best product on the market. We use them on every door we install. The small cost is worth every penny compared to the peace of mind it brings and reduced liability. Since we started using pan flashing we have seen a drastic reduction in water infiltration. The sill pans pay for themselves by minimizing potential for property damage claims. I would not recommend installing a door without a SureSill pan.” 

John Suttin 
Suttin Construction LLC

“SimplyDoors proudly uses SureSill Pans ofn all our door installations. We’ve rolled the cost of the product into our installation fees without any impact to our sales. The lasting protection suresill provides at a relativity low price allows us to better serve our customers. If you aren’t using a SureSill pan, you aren’t doing it right!”

Paz Galambos
SimplyDoors LLC

“I have been a General Manager, with BFS for the last 10 years. SureSill is included in all of our exterior doors installed sales as standard practice. SureSill has been a reliable product for Builders’ First Source and our subsidiaries for over 20 years, successfully expanding to other BFS locations. It provides a trouble-free installation, resulting in happy builder-customers and happy homeowners, with added profits and added protections for all: homeowners, homebuilders, and ourselves. Using SureSill has helped us grow our business and build our brand. We plan to use SureSill in the foreseeable future and expand with SureSill to more locations.”

Michael Sowards,
General Manager, Builder First Source

"I’ve helped hundreds of Home Depot customers ensure a quality door installation by including a sill pan with every exterior door sale. It is a no-brainer to protect the home and ensure the job is done right the first time. I liked the product so much, I even installed SureSill in my own home! It was simple and gave me the extra confidence I needed in protecting my home."

Mark Springer,
Home Depot 

“As an industry leader in building science instruction, we’ve trained thousands of builders on best practices that meet and exceed industry standards. We emphasize SureSill for proper door and window flashing. It is the obvious choice, leading the industry in quality and durability, and should be included in every install.”

Justin Wilson,
Construction Instruction

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