Building Guidelines: Adherence to Standards for Lasting Quality

Does your sill pan meet ASTM?

  1. Overview of ASTM Guidelines

  2. How SureSill Meets ASTM

Understanding the Regulations:

  • ASTM Standards: The cornerstone of building guidelines, setting the stage for industry practices. SureSill's products are not just compliant; they lead the way, reflecting our commitment to quality and precision.

  • Building Code (IRC): Each state and municipality adopts these codes, which are informed by ASTM standards, ensuring that all buildings adhere to safety and durability requirements.

  • Standard Code & Acceptable Trade Practices: These serve as the baseline for installation and construction quality across the industry.

Why Compliance Matters:

  • Following ASTM 2112 and IRC Building Code 2012 ensures that door and window installations are not only up to par but also preempt the costly damages associated with water intrusion.

  • Improperly installed doors and windows can lead to repair costs that easily exceed the original construction cost within just a few years - not to mention the potential health risks to residents.

  • Does your sill pan meet ASTM? See how SureSill does here.

The SureSill Advantage:

  • Born from the industry's need for reliable flashing systems, SureSill has been a pioneer since 2003, just before ASTM 2112 set new standards for sill pan products in 2007.

  • SureSill products are engineered to meet and exceed these rigorous standards, offering a safeguard for homes and a stamp of excellence for professionals.

For the Professionals:

  • By choosing SureSill, builders and installers are aligning with sustainable building practices that guarantee the durability and longevity of structures.

  • SureSill is not merely a choice but an assurance - an assurance of sustainable, long-lasting, and reliable construction that stands the test of time and elements.

"Over the past 20 years, I've conducted over 300 forensic investigations on moisture intrusion. One of the primary reasons for water intrusion in buildings is the improper installation of windows and doors. Years may go by before the leak is noticed, and by that time, the related damages and required repairs can exceed the value of the building. SureSill's integrated flashing system for windows and doors, when properly installed, offers maximum protection against water intrusion."

- Mark Stanford, Construction and Water Intrusion Expert