Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our products & installation.
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1. Choosing the Right Size

  • Q: How do I know which size Sloped Sill Pan™ I need?

  • A: The Sill Pan size should match or be slightly larger (1/8” -1/4”) than the door/window frame size, measured from the interior side back to the nailing flange or brick mold.

2. Replacement Installations

  • Q: Can I use the SureSill™ system if I am replacing an existing door or window?

  • A: Yes.

3. Installation Without Removal

  • Q: Can I install the SureSill™ system without removing my existing door/window?

  • A: No.

4. Recommended Sealant

  • Q: What sealant do you recommend for sealing the pan in the rough opening?

  • A: Refer to the Recommended Products in the SureSill™ Water Management Guide for Windows and Doors.

5. Alternative Sealants

  • Q: Can other sealants work?

  • A: Other sealants may work, but we lack test reports on their performance with SureSill systems and cannot endorse them.

6. Flashing Tape

  • Q: Do I need to use any special flashing tape— butyl or asphalt-based?

  • A: Consult the Recommended Products in the SureSill™ Water Management Guide for Windows and Doors.

7. Alternative Self-Adhering Flashing (SAF)

  • Q: Can other SAF work?

  • A: While other SAF may work, we cannot recommend them without test reports on their performance with SureSill systems. A butyl SAF meeting AAMA standards should suffice.

8. Rough Opening Adjustments

  • Q: How much room should I add to my rough opening?

  • A: Add 1/4” – 3/8” in height, depending on the Sloped Sill Pan used. Check SureSill Specifications for details. [Link to SureSill Specs]

9. Installation with Screws

  • Q: Can I use screws through the SureSill?

  • A: Yes, but ensure all penetrations are sealed. Drill a pilot hole filled with sealant, use stainless steel screws, and cover the fastener head with additional sealant.

10. Choosing Fixed Depth or Adjustable Pans

  • Q: Should I buy 11X or fixed depth pan?

  • A: Fixed depth pans are easier and more cost-effective, but if a special size is required that isn't available, 11X pans may be necessary.

11. Painting SureSill

  • Q: Can SureSill be painted?

  • A: Yes, after cleaning, SureSill™ products can be painted with paint designed for vinyl/plastics.

12. Level Doors with Outdoor Surfaces

  • Q: Can I use SureSill Sloped Sill pans if my door is level with my porch or deck?

  • A: Yes, but ensure proper drainage. See the SureSill™ Water Management Guide for details or contact us for unique cases.

13. Cutting SureSill Products

  • Q: What kind of saw do I need to cut SureSill products?

  • A: A hand saw or miter saw. Always wear protective gear during cutting and installation.

14. SureSill with Stucco

  • Q: Can I use SureSill with stucco?

  • A: Yes.

15. AutoCAD Drawings

  • Q: Are AutoCAD drawings available of SureSill Products?

  • A: Yes, please contact us to receive AutoCAD Drawings.

16. Home Depot Shipping

  • Q: Does Home Depot ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

  • A: Home Depot does not ship SureSill products sold online to Alaska or Hawaii, but our dealers can deliver to these areas in box quantities.